Rock Solid Design & Construction, Inc., Crawfordville, FL
ICF's, or insulated concrete forms, are interlocking blocks consisting of two polystyrene panels connected by a series of polypropylene webs (yes, some say they look like giant styrofoam Lego blocks) which are stacked up, then reinforced with vertical and horizontal rebar and pumped with concrete to form the most durable, comfortable and energy efficient wall system possible for your home or commercial building.  Unlike traditional wood-frame wall systems, ICF wall systems prevent costly energy loss and dramatically lower your energy bills.  With superior wind ratings, as well as a 4-hour fire rating and the Prevental additive which kills termites, your ICF building will generate lower insurance premiums and peace of mind for the safety of your family or organization.

Having built more than 100 ICF structures in the North Florida region, the team at Rock Solid Design & Construction, Inc. has the unsurpassed knowledge and experience to assist you from design to completion of your ICF building.
So everyone's first question much more will this superior building cost me?  Surprisingly, the answer brings a smile.  While the cost to build an ICF home averages only about 5% more than a traditional wood-frame building (this can vary slightly due to the building design and other factors), the savings realized in this chart  (due to lower energy bills) actually leave more money in your pocket each month!  And this does not even take into consideration the savings on homeowner's insurance (we've seen a 50% reduction in premiums recently due to mitigation credits for ICF).
DURABLE?  A picture is worth a thousand words!  This "last house standing" after Hurricane Katrina leveled this area of Mississippi is an ICF home still under construction!  Hurricane resistant!
 Just what IS an "ICF"...?
Vertical rebar is set in the foundation when it's poured...
The ICF's are assembled & horizontal rebar is placed...
Several courses are assembled (stacked like Legos) and exterior windows & doors are framed...
Bracing is installed to be sure walls are secure and plumb before concrete is pumped...
The wall cavity is pumped full of concrete, bracing is removed and the exterior shell is rock solid!
Hurricane Resistant             Tornado Resistant
Fire Resistant                        Mold & Mildew Resistant
Termite Resistant                      Highly Energy Efficient
Quiet and Comfortable            Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

How does ICF compare to wood and
​concrete block construction?

The continuous insulation of an ICF wall is highly energy efficient.  Look at these thermal images.... so which utility bill would you want to pay?